About us

Celtec Inc. is a leader in cutting-edge dendritic cell (DC)-based immunotherapy with personal tumor antigens. The company was funded with the mission to significantly improve life and its quality in advanced cancer patients, because they are almost hopeless to be cured. Our innovative immunotherapy will precisely hit cancer cells carrying multiple disease factors to display comfortable efficacy.

Due to genome instability, most cancer cells exhibit divergent individual cellular features, and form heterogenous tumor mass. Therefore, it is impracticable to effectively eliminate tumors by a single-targeting strategy. The dendritic cell (DC) has been demonstrated to destroy cancer cells with various identities, so it presents a promising foundation for treatment of cancer complexity. In addition, recently there are some breakthroughs in clinical DC-based immunotherapy to control or even eliminate advanced cancers very well. The above evidences indicate DC-based immunotherapy with new insights and technologies will become the leading position of immunotherapy soon.

Celtec devotes to develop strong anti-tumor DCs targeting universal tumor antigens and neoantigens, which aim to meet unmet medical needs for patients suffering from incurable and refractory cancers. We also emphasize pharmacoeconomics through development of short-cut manufacturing processes to display advantages over other competitors. Utilizing multiple and cross platforms of biotech and artificial intelligence (AI), Celtec not only provides the “Life Solution” to save the life of patients, but also to reconstruct the life of patients.

Therapeutic Area of Focus:

Cancer immunotherapy, Tumor antigen, Neoantigen, Personal medicine, Dendritic cells (DCs)